iDiOM Theater Posters

Occasionally, I’ll have the opportunity to completely run wild with a project and explore design techniques that I wouldn’t otherwise get to play with very often. When a friend of mine came to me requesting some “quick” posters for his theater group, I thought it would be the perfect chance to play. Two Man Tombstone combined some old-school halftones with aged paper scans to create a vintage looking poster with rich, saturated colors. With 7 Deadly Sins, I took an old bible etching, creased it, wadded it up, smoothed it out, and then lit it on fire. All within Photoshop. And because I’m used to working on very large map-sized illustrations, I never do anything 11″×17″. These are meant to be printed 24″×36″ and have details and nuance that just can’t be captured in a small print or online image. So zoom in, browse around, & take in all of their loving texture. Just keep in mind that all of those creases, tears, age spots and stains are 100% fake.